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Client: Avalon Sexual Assault Centre Project title: Dartmouth North Project Role: Co-Coordinator and Art Facilitator Date started: August 2014 Description:The Dartmouth North project is a grass-roots community mobilization project designed to prevent sexualized violence of Women and Girls in the …

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Client: Nova Scotia Barristers Society Project: #TALKJUSTICE Role: Community Engagement Consultant and Lead Author for Talk Justice Report Date started: September 2014 Description: My role with the Nova Scotia Barrister Society was to work with them to develop a provincial …

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Client: Human Rights Commission Project title: Community Conversations Date started: October 2014 Role: Community Engagement Consultant Description: I was hired by New Leaf Social Innovation to help support the Human Rights Commission in their effort to design an engagement process …

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Organization: Hope Blooms Position: Arts and Culture Coordinator, Mentorship Program Co-coordinator Date started: May 2014 Description: As the arts and culture coordinator at Hope Blooms I provided an opportunity for youth and children to explore arts and crafts during regular …

Unity is strength, division is weakness.

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My name is LaMeia Reddick. Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you are able to spend some time getting to know me and my work. During your exploration of this site you will find a wide range of projects and initiatives I’ve been involved with over the past 3 years. You will also find up-to-date information on upcoming community events and links to other cool initiatives I’m excited about.



I am a Community Engagement consultant that specializes in creating the conditions for people to build strong relationships to do good work together. My business is built around a concept that I named Kinnected Leadership. Kinnected Leadership is about creating and sustaining a collaborate culture of excellence that serves and empowers future generations.

I’m in the business of making things happen.

As a multi-talented leader with over 12 years of experience working in the field of community organizing, I believe that there is no problem too big to solve when there’s a genuine will to do things better and a commitment to working together. Some of the projects I manage include working with clients by providing them an opportunity to explore ways they can take the first step towards being more inclusive and effective in their service delivery. Other projects include facilitating sessions with youth about choices and peer pressure.

My offering to clients is unique because of my direct access to community. The scope of my experience working at a very grassroots levels to very high levels within institutions is a specialized offering.

I am often called a ‘Bridge Builder’, someone who holds that space between institution and community. I often get calls when organizations want to reach out to a certain demographic or have identified that they need to do more to connect to the community. My work ensures that organizations feel empowered in their approach to engage community. I use my social capital to bring the right people to the table and facilitate the conversations that are required to move forward.


kinnected leadership

Kinnected Leadership was developed as I started to reflect on my personal journey of what lead me to where I am today. I was always surrounded by great leaders and experienced first hand the power of watching great leaders work collectively and collaboratively.
When I decided to start the business I asked myself, “What is it going to take to really bring about the change that is so desperately needed in society?”

My thought went back to my experiences of when I saw change happen. I saw change happen when leaders bonded together with a commitment to work together and commitment to take an action together. Kinnected Leadership isn’t just a fancy catch phrase, it’s the key feature in any act of change, big or small.


how kinnections start

When I’m out in the world establishing kinnections I’m looking for those people who are:
1. Actively revolutionizing and innovating from their social location

2. Demonstrating their commitment to social justice and inclusion through their commitment to helping people
After the process of identifying leaders the next step is to determine:
1. Is there an opportunity and willingness to try something together?

2. What action can we take together to make a difference?


Why Kinnected and not Connected

‘Kinnected’ is a play on words, inspired by the word Kin meaning related. Kinnected speaks to my desire to build working relationships that are familial in nature. I want to establish bonds that will not be easily be broken. Kinnections that will be able to withstand the hardship and tensions that goes along with doing change work. Being kinnected allows for better work because it is built on a foundation of transparency and trust.



Engagement And Consultation

LaMeia’s first hand experience and relationships with a wide range of community groups offers clients real knowledge from diverse perspectives. She is well informed and attuned to current needs and realities. Clients don’t need to guess that they are doing the right thing with LaMeia’s consultation services. She provides an opportunity for clients to interact and engage directly with their targeted demographic.

Public Speaking & Public Relations

Public speaking and public relations are skills that LaMeia brings to every project. She has experience talking to the press and media. LaMeia’s experiences with public speaking have been with school audiences and at conferences. LaMeia public relations skills include spreading information from organizations and businesses to individuals and the public.


LaMeia is a trained facilitator with over a decade of experience leading circle processes and open-space technology. She is a trained Art of Hosting practitioner and has taken many facilitation training programs including Deep Democracy, Restorative Practice with the Community Justice Society and Amplify Girls Leadership training. LaMeia has had many opportunities to host and facilitate throughout her career and has experience teaching facilitation.

Project Management

Efficient and effective project management is one of LaMeia’s offerings. She is able to pick up a project regardless of where it is in the process and see it through to completion. LaMeia is able to jump in and out of projects as needed to provide coordination support.

Proposal & Report Writing

LaMeia has been writing proposal since she was 16 years old. She has prepared various proposals and grant applications for non-profit organizations and community groups seeking financial support. She has experience writing small and large-scale final project reports.

Workshop & Program Development

LaMeia has skills in Program development and workshop design. Workshops and programs are built and tailored to suit the needs of the groups ensuring good conditions for learning and sharing.

Event Planning

Handling logistics and the behind the scenes magic of events and functions is a passion of LaMeia. The versatility of LaMeia’s event planning service gives clients a lot of options for creating the perfect atmosphere for your event.

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I hope you had a chance to explore my work and found something that inspired you. Do you have questions about how your organization can evolve to include more diverse perspectives? Do you have an idea for a project? Want to be my friend? Please get in touch, I’d love to kinnect with you.